FOAR 4DD1 and FOAR ANT are posted by Boxxy on Youtube for her gaia friends


Boxxy gets posted on iambored.com, and rapidly becomes popular. Threads about Boxxy are posted on 7chan and 4chan.

2009 Jan

FOAR EVERYWUN is made. Boxxy posts on 4chan briefly. 4chan goes through a civil war and moot gets pissed, Boxxy becomes a bannable offense.
Boxxy is hacked by the CBCR and the CBCR dox is leaked/posted, and combined with that and the numerous death threats and stalking from 4chan's /b/, Boxxy leaves the internet.

2009 Apr - June


boxxychan.tk is founded.


iheartboxxy is founded..


Some users of the iheart forums look for new pictures or videos posted by real life friends of Boxxy, they find both. A link to unichan.info is posted on boxxychan.tk, iheart and boxxychan.tk users settle in the previously deserted site which was just a school project made by Chaz (Chuckstudios) the admin.

2009 July - Sept


Boxxy Forums is created, and many boxxy fans begin using both the boxxy forums, and iheart to start communicating with each other. It's thought that the new videos also sparked enough interest for Boxxpeace to happen, on July 25th.


A user named asdfghjkl;, secretly Boxxy, signs up on Boxxy Forums and posts for a few days.


Niki registers on Boxxy Forums

2009 Oct - Dec


Niki calls Boxxy and the Niki call takes place in which Niki asks Boxxy about what she thinks about the whole Boxxy thing and what she'd like fans to do. Niki, Eyrev, Pat, and the admins of iheartboxxy and Boxxy Forums agree it's best for Catie to shutdown the forums. Shortly after, a notice is posted and both forums are closed, a Goodbye video is posted on Youtube. iloveboxxy.com is made. Killwebs is raided and doxed.


Unichan's server breaks, the admin doesn't care and users are left Unichan-less for about a month.


iloveboxxy.com is reported by Killwebs and was later taken down due to a TOS, Terms of Service, violation. A new Unichan, unichan.org, is made by a new admin and Unichan returns.



iloveboxxy.net is made. (Now forum.catiewayne.com) Caleb attempts and fails to film Boxxy at one of her performances. An archive of the asdfghjkl; posts is posted by Forby on iloveboxxy.net.


The Valentine's Video is made and posted on Youtube.


anon77's dox is posted by RC and Forby on Unichan.

November 25

25th Boxxy returns to the internet... Catie posts A New Hope.wmv on Youtube.

2011 Jan - Mar

January 10th

Catie uploads 'Things are about to get intense' on ANewHopeee.

February 14th

The Valentine's video 'FOAR CATIE FRUM UNICHAN' is uploaded on You-tube.

March 6th

The official Boxxy website CatieWayne.com goes LIVE. 21st - Catie posts for the first time on Catie Chan.

2011 Apr - Jun

April 1st

A girl who goes by the name of Svetlana hacks ANewHopeee and uploads a video entitled Wassup. 1st - Boxxmommy You-tube account made. 29th **Happy Birthday Catie** video uploaded.

May 5th

**Happy Birthday Catie (part 2)** video uploaded. - **Catie's Birthday (part 3)** video uploaded.

June 15th

bodaciousboxxy You-tube account made. 17th - The video FOAR SVETLANA FRUM BOXXY is uploaded on Bodaciousboxxy. 29th - 'Boxxybabee' is put back in the hands of Boxxy.

2011 July - Dec

July 16

'Foar Svetlana Frum Boxxy ' is uploaded on Boxxybabee. 21st - 'Calm Down, Holden' is uploaded on ANewHopeee.

August 21

'Foar Little Kinky Frum Boxxy' is uploaded to Boxxybabee.

December 11

11th - Catie comes back after a hiatus of nearly three months and shares with the community that they can expect a video by the end of the day. 11th - A video entitled ' Meet 3v3! ' is uploaded to Anewhopeee. After many a complaint about not being able to hear what this new character is saying, the video is privatized and a new one is put in its place. 23rd - We meet 3v3 again as she sings in Santa Baby - 3v3 (official music video)


January 14

Boxxy wishes Pocky a happy Valentines day in Foar Pocky Frum Boxxy

March 30

It's storytime with Catie! In this video, Catie shares with us some of the times that she was recognized as Boxxy.
(from http://boxxy.wikispaces.com)